Tattoo Academy

From the first draft of a tattoo to professional implementation.

Tattoo Academy

Tattoo Academy

Art & professionalism combined – The first tattoo school in Switzerland

The Tattoo Academy is aimed at people with artistic talent who want to become experts in the profession or already have knowledge and want to improve and perfect it. The training is intended equally for beginners and advanced tattoo artists. Basic requirements: you are at least 18 years of age, have artistic skill and completed secondary education or higher. Learning the art of tattooing requires a lot of time, discipline and practice. We bring these qualities and also expect them from our students.

We offer different modules in both theory and praxis. You will work on all facets of a tattoo studio, from job-specific hygiene and regulations to design and tattoo techniques as well as business planning and customer service. The basic training program is spread over several months. All instructors are trained professionals.


We will teach you everything there is to know about tattooing – whether it is hygiene regulations, infectiology, microbiology or customer service.


Let the needles do the talking! With years of practical knowledge, our artists will guide you to towards your dream job.

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Theory 10.00-13.00
Realistic Tattoo Designs
Idea, inspiration and concept
Symmetry, harmony and balance
Shape, composition and focus

Praxis 13.00-18.00
contrast and color
Uniform shading
Texture and highlights

    Our lecturers

    Theory, design & praxis – Each instructor brings their own expertise to the academy, whether it be finance, business management, medicine, illustration or tattooing. Karin Mangold

    Specialist in anaesthesia and intensive care medicine
    Master in Applied Ethics.

    Roger Schwab

    Certified expert in emergency medicine NDS HF,
    Lecturer on emergency medicine at LTT days for nursing HF students.

    Agata Haindl

    Owner Absolut Tattoo, university degree in painting. 25 years of experience in art and design.

    Eddy Bussler

    Tattoo Artist Silent Water Tatoo. Expert in Asian motifs, New School and Neo Traditional.

    Bianca Friese

    Tattoo artist and trained graphic designer. Preference for neo traditional, dotwork and illustrative elements.

    Elena Shaulova Brechbühl

    Illustrator and graphic designer. BA in art and art history. MA in Industrial Design.

    Beat Werder

    Deputy Branch Manager Küssnacht am Rigi



    You still have questions or want to know more about the Tattoo Academy? We are happy to help you and arrange a meeting.