General terms and conditions

These General Terms and Conditions apply to every offer of Absolut Academy GmbH. Validity: as of November 2018.

Registration and payment of the course fee

The written registration obligates you to pay the course fee. Non-payment of the course fee is not considered a cancellation.

Course organization

For organizational reasons, we reserve the right to postpone or combine classes, change the venue or reduce courses with a percentage refund of the course fee. If a course leader drops out, Absolut Academy GmbH can change the course leader or appoint a substitute.

Course locations and implementation

In order to run our courses under optimal conditions, we set a minimum and a maximum number of participants for each course. Course places are allocated in the order in which registrations are received (subject to timely payment). If the number of participants is insufficient, the course will usually not be held and the course fee will be waived or refunded.
If a class is under-subscribed, we may in individual cases run the course subject to the consent of the course participants, but increase the course fee accordingly or, where appropriate, reduce the number of lessons while keeping the price the same.

Course exclusion

Absolut Academy GmbH reserves the right to exclude one or more course participants from a course with justification. In the following cases, the entire course fee is owed, i.e. there is neither a proportional refund nor a waiver of the course fee: Course exclusion due to non-payment of the course fee as well as in serious cases (defamation, harassment, intentional damage to property, etc.).


Each registration is binding. Depending on the cancellation date, we can waive all or part of the course fee. Please note the following regulations:
Cancellation date and cancellation fee:

Up to 45 calendar days before the start of the course: CHF 100.
From 44 to 22 calendar days before the start of the course: 10 % of the course fee, but max. CHF 500 From 21 to 15 calendar days before the start of the course: 30 % of the course fee
From 14 to 8 calendar days before the start of the course: 50% of the course fee
From 7 calendar days until one day before the start of the course: 80 % of the course fee
On the day of the start of the course or later: No waiver or refund of the course fee.

Lessons not attended

Lessons not attended cannot be made up and will not be refunded.


Absolut Academy GmbH processes the data that you give us during registration, during the course or other circumstances (e.g. events), or that we receive or previously received from you in this context, with the utmost care and in accordance with the rules of Swiss data protection.
A transfer of data outside Absolut Academy GmbH will only take place under strict, contractual data protection requirements to external service providers in Switzerland or abroad, due to legal requirements to law enforcement authorities or if a transfer is necessary to protect and enforce legitimate interests of Absolut Academy GmbH.

Learning material and content

The learning material is strictly available to the course participants, the documents may neither be copied nor passed on to third parties.

Video and audio recordings

Without the express consent of Absolut Academy GmbH and the course participants, no video or audio recordings may be made on any premises of Absolut Academy GmbH.

Program and price changes

Program and price changes as well as changes to the general terms and conditions are reserved.


For all legal relations with Absolut Academy GmbH Swiss law, the Zurich jurisdiction is applicable.