Absolut Academy GmbH
Weinbergstrasse 52
8006 Zürich

Tel: +41 44 362 01 01

Facts about the Swiss tattoo scene:

  • There is no professional quality assurance
  • The Swiss tattoo scene needs quality standards
  • In Switzerland, no special requirements are needed to practice the profession
  • The training is not regulated
  • Quality, safety and hygiene standards exist only to a limited extent or are implemented only half- heartedly
  • The end users are not protected

Our goals:

  • Consumers must be protected from untrained tattoo artists and infections.
  • Close cooperation with the authorities
  • Regulated and nationally recognized training and certifications
  • Every tattoo academy student, as well as every prospective tattoo artist practicing their profession, must first learn the basics of microbiology and infectiology, anatomy of the skin, and profession-specific hygiene, safety and protective measures.
  • Important areas such as legal knowledge and regulations, customer service, planning, setup and execution, project design, choice of materials and correct work organization must be learned diligently.
  • Prospective tattoo artists must learn all technical aspects of the world of tattooing from experts. The focus is on the proper use of machines and needles, motif development and placement, as well as being able to perform basic techniques such as lines, filling and shading.